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What to do when you cannot do -

Dear Biji Clients or Clients to be,

While we wait to continue our fun planning sessions together, we thought to get you focused on the little things that do not cost money but take a lot of effort and discussion.

Research Honeymoon Locations!

- Check out some of these websites for information and inspiration

Create a preliminary menu

Goal- Take this time and be out of the box, you cannot settle for the basic.

- Make a list of all of your favourite food items.

- Be a guest at the wedding and imagine-taste all items you would like to include at each service course of your events.

-Play a game - process of elimination and assign items to each event, trying not to repeat.

- Make a list of items not included by the caterer, be sure to ask if it can be included or replaced.

- Schedule a tasting for your proposed menu.

- Taste the menu around 3-4 months prior to the event date and make the final selections

Stay Calm and Music On!

Goal - Research Songs to play

- Keep adding those awesome tracks to your must have playlist for the DJ

- Create a shortlist of songs for the important moments

Ceremony - Entrances, during the ceremony,recessional, receiving line.

Reception - Entrances, First dance, Cake Cutting, Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance, Cocktail hour, Midnight hour

The Perfect Dance.

Goal- Practice your dance performances

- You may have already started choreo lessons or just teaching yourself from youtube - keep practicing

- If you did not get to that step, discuss, decide.... then dance!

Eshoot Locations

Its the perfect time to travel in the comfort of your home. We found this amazing article to help you start discussing what you would like to do with your couple love pics!

- Select the time of the year you will schedule the photoshoot that is convenient for you and your photographer

- Its not just your eshoot- think about all of the formal picture locations you need

- have a creative session with your photo and cinema team - discuss, decide & do!


Keep it easy and fun! Simple Life Happy Wife!


We are a comment away..... in case


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