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How do we plan with you

With online tools and active communication, you’re not only sharing your your ideas and topics continuously, you can also keep progress of your tasks. That’s why our user friendly tools comes with a built-in members area - so that you can add as many helper planners onto your account to get things done!

What can Biji members do?

Members can check off the assigned tasks, write and reply to comments and receive notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize.


Keep your checklist up to date by managing realistic deadlines.

We say pick that one day of the week when you wedding plan- rest of the week live life on demand!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Complete an on boarding meeting with Biji team

  2. Sign up for your account using social media platform or existing email address and password

  3. Click on the different tabs to get familiarized

  4. Manage your upcoming tasks

  5. Upload and update all related pages with things like- guest list, design board, contacts and contracts and budget

  6. Continue updating every week once a week!

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