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an invitation to your
dream wedding

A consultation can you get there


The thought of having a destination wedding

is always top of mind for a newly engaged couple. Now more than ever escaping the daily is easier and more accessible. 

We are here to make it  possible 

Exotic Locations, Extraordinary Experiences


  • Provide guests with as much information as possible which covers everything from guests' expenses to creating personal wedding websites.

  • Plan ahead, some of the more popular wedding venues can be booked up 12 to 18 months in advance.

  • As soon as you know your wedding date schedule your initial private consultation with us.

  • Have a welcome dinner or cocktails in a local restaurant or bar to welcome your guests and let them get settled into the true feeling of Greece culture.

  • Organize a boat trip or brunch as a post-wedding day activity.

  • When getting married abroad, keep local weather in mind when choosing your attire

  • If you would like your budget to stretch that bit further then look just outside of the popular “hotspots” or consider having your wedding midweek.

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